Meet The Team

Nick Peters

Nick Peters is the President and Owner of Realex Homes. He has been working in the home building industry since 1982 and has successfully completed over 200 custom homes. He is a designated Graduate Master Builder by the NAHB and is also a licensed real estate broker. Nick is a father to two daughters, so he truly enjoys building dream homes for families. 


Bruin Fike

Bruin Fike has been the Project Manager for Realex Homes for seven years. He has worked in the home building industry for 19 years and has completed over 100 homes and several remodels. Bruin is constantly attending GHBA and NAHB classes to improve his project management skills. He is a father and husband who enjoys smoking some good ol' fashion barbecue with his family at his country home. 

Project Manager

Suzanne Romano

Suzanne Romano has been the Selection Designer at Realex Homes for eight years and has helped in the design of over 50 homes. Suzanne graduated the University of Saint Thomas with a degree in marketing which was the beginning of her creative journey. She is dedicated to every home she designs and is constantly researching the new products on the market to ensure clients get the dream home they want. In her free time, Suzanne enjoys spending time with her three children watching the latest football game. 

Selection Designer

Addison Haight

Addison Haight has been with Realex Homes for seven years. She joined the Realex team in high school and has been a dedicated member ever since. She is the first person you see when you walk in the door and will be the first to offer you a happy hello. In addition to running the office, Addison also handles permitting for new projects, warranty requests, and marketing. She enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends at all the Houston local hotspots. 

Office Manager

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