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Home Decorating Tips for October

Colder weather, here we come! It is officially October which means it's time to break out the pumpkin spice lattes, cozy blankets, and spoooooky Jack-O-Lanterns. It also means it's time to decorate your home and usher in the long awaited fall. This year let your creativity flow with these tips and tricks that will help you turn your home in to a fall extravaganza!

1. First Impression Porches

Your porch is the perfect place to introduce that warm and cozy fall impression on visitors. It is the first thing people see when they come over and the last thing they see when they leave. This year let's liven up your porch with a cute decorative sign, a bale of hay, and a few artificial pumpkins! All of which are conveniently available at your local Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Oh and don't forget to dig that fall wreath out of the attic. Decorating your porch is easy, it doesn't take too much to make it feel Fall-tastic. You can even incorporate some of your regular decor to save a little cash by filling candle holders or baskets with fall leaves and hay!

2. Let's Talk Wheat

When you hear someone say Fall you automatically think pumpkins, colorful leaves, and hay. But everyone seems to forget the comfort staple of all holiday baked goods; wheat. Not only is wheat amazing for your ghost cookies, it has amazing potential for decorating! With the warm brown coloring and wistful feel, wheat makes a perfect accompaniment to your fall decor, and it doesn't take much to incorporate! Need an extra pop of something on your entry table? Fill an old vase with wheat and wallah a bouquet! Does your fireplace mantel need something besides leaf garland? Throw some wheat underneath to warm up the colors. Allergic to everything hay? Replace it with wheat! The possibilities are endless.

3. Don't Forget The Bathrooms!

Your living room is spectacular, your kitchen welcoming, what are you forgetting? Your powder bathroom! When guests come over, of course they will be impressed by the common areas of your home. But then they need to do what all humans do and are transported back to reality in your normally decorated bathroom. We do not want them to be able to escape the fuzzy feeling that is Fall! Just kidding, but it would be so cute to simply drape a garland over your mirror and add a fall bouquet. Oh and don't forget to swap your soap for something that smells like apple pie. You don't need to go overboard with decorating your bathrooms but a little reminder of Fall will keep the magic flowing throughout your home.

4. Transform Your Coffee Bar

Have you ever heard the phrase "It's the little things"? Well in the case of decorating, that phrase couldn't be truer. While filling your home with pumpkins is always an option, why not try focusing on the areas that wouldn't normally draw attention? A great place to start is with your coffee bar. If you don't have a coffee bar, well you'll want to invest in one, trust me. Replace your mugs, get some spooky straws, and cute little decorative signs. Start your morning with a little reminder that it is the best time of the year, you won't regret it.

5. Keeping It Simple

You don't have to drop a ton of money and time to find those perfect decorations. Everything you need could be at your home or just down the street at the local dollar store! Grab a few cute vases, some popcorn kernels, and a few fake leaves to make yourself some cute at home decor!

6. Do Something Creative With Your Walls!

Signs and spiderwebs are always fun, but this year let's try something different! Break out Pintrest, Youtube, Google and search up how to make origami bats! These 3D decorations are sure to pop out at your guests, literally! You can put them in any room of your house on your walls and your ceilings! If you have a fireplace and want to add a bit more spook to your home, tape the bats in a way that looks as though they are flying out of your chimney! This is a surefire trick to make sure you have the most haunted house in the neighborhood.


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